What is Dublin GameCraft? 

Dublin GameCraft is a game jam event where folks come together to make games!

Teams (or brave individuals,) get together and are given a theme early in the morning and from there have as little as 8 hours (sometimes 12 if we’re feeling generous).

Games are built from scrach on any platform you like, at the end of the day the games are demoed by a panel of judges who award prizes for the best contenders.

It’s a great chance to flex your creative muscles, tackle some quick and dirty coding problems, and to get out there and meet other game-makers face to face.

Who Are We?

Dublin GameCraft was started by game-dev Andrea Magnorsky and coder and tech event organiser Vicky Lee. The two met looking to create a fantastic game jam for the irish indie community, one that would become a staple part of the Irish game dev’s yearly diary.

The first Dublin GameCraft took place in February of 2012 in DIT, thanks to the support of the wonderful Bryan Duggan. We had over 120 attendees producing more than 35 games in our first event. Since then Dublin GameCraft has gone from strength to strength with events in Games Fleadh Thurles, in Belfast, and even a charity GameCraft for ISPCA.

Why Dublin GameCraft?

Dublin GameCraft is a game jam set up for the Irish game-making community. Often the cycle of making games can be so intense that designers, developers, and indie makers can find themselves isolated pouring all there energy into just getting that game out.

GameCraft gives people a chance to meet other gamer-makers in an environment conducive to swapping ideas, solutions, and getting to know each other.

Dublin GameCraft is organised by: