Q. What is Dublin gamecraft?

Dublin gamecraft is a game jam held in Dublin. (Though we often hold game jams elsewhere, keep an eye on the site for more details).

Q. What is a game jam? 

Simply put, a game jam is a challenge where people make games within set limits. In this case, participants have 12 hrs to put a game together. Check out the About page for more.

Q. Any restrictions on who can join?

All levels welcome.

Q: How many people can be in a team?

Team size is unrestricted, although bear in mind that larger teams will make it hard work as well.

Q: Do we bring our own hardware?

Yes, participants will bring their own hardware, but you will need to look after your own hardware on the day.

Q. Does Dublin Game Craft support online participation?

No, but we will look into it for future Dublin Game Crafts.

Q. Do we decide on an idea before the event?

The topic of the game is decided on the day, so probably not a good idea.

Q. Can we also bring pre-written frameworks we code ourselves. Would we need to share these frameworks with the other teams?

You are free to use which ever framework you want. Sharing your own framework is up to you.

Q. What other tools and frameworks should bring along?

Prepare your machine with the tools before you come along on the day, this will alleviate the load on the wifi. Check out our resources page for more!

Q. Who owns the games when we’re finished?

You do! All games created by participants are their own, but we’d love you to share them with us so we can make them available to folks on our soon-to-come ‘Past Games’ page.