Looking for a few tools to add to your bag of tricks? We’ve compiled a short list of things we’ve found useful in the past, from Game Engines, Dev tools, Audio Editors and Image generators. Check out the list below.

Game Engines:

Development Tools:

  • Scratch - A game development tool for young children
  • Corona - A free to use (for dev only) mobile device simulator using LUA.
  • UDK  - Unreal 3 engine and tools
  • Unity - Unity 3 is a game development tool that has been designed to let you focus on creating amazing games.
  • XNA  - A game development platform based on .net
  • Komodo Edit - Code Editor with auto-complete, syntax highlighting etc for several languages
  • PolyVox – A fast and light C++ library for the storage and processing of volumetric (voxel-based) environments.
  • Zoetrope  – A free library for making 2d games that runs ontop of LOVE. (See link above).

Animation Tools/Image Editors:

Audio Tools: