Dublin GameCraft 4

“Rocking around the Christmas tree…”
Ok, there was no Christmas tree, but there was cupcakes and mountains of yummy cake to be had. It was sugartastic and as organisers we hoped that gave enough buzz to keep GameCrafters going for 11 hours. Creativity has been pushed to another level and even travel from afar like a 3AM bus ride from Derry, you guys are crazy, !).

Cupcakes by

Cake by

The sandwiches were by .

The theme for the day was

“Always winter but never Christmas.”
― C.S. Lewis

So it was a Christmassy-type of theme, most people kind of guessed anyway. :-)

Here are the winners

Honourable Mention –  (Prize: Rory StoryCubes)

Best Multi-Player –  (Prize: Rory StoryCubes)

Best Audio – (Prize: Headphones thanks to GameStop Ireland)

Best on Theme – (Prize: PS4 Controller)

Best Visual (“Most Polished!”) –  (Prize: Quadcopter)

People’s & Judge’s Choice – (Prize: EGXRezzed Tickets for the team)

You can find the rest of the games crafted at http://bit.ly/dub-gc-4
(NOTE: Teams please update your entry with more game details, link to playable game (if any), more screenshots, and about yourselves.)

A big thanks and congratulations to everyone who took part and helped out. And yes, GameCraft is now incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation called GameCraft Foundation. Without all of your support, this wouldn’t have happened. We are deeply grateful for a fantastic community. Don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas, feedback and even about sponsorship. We love to talk. Email:

Any photos, please share them with us to , tweets, and .

A big thanks to Digital Hub for hosting our event, and to our sponsors, Enterprise Ireland, Exit Games, Swrve, GameStop Ireland and Rory StoryCubes.

And here are the tweets (#GameCraft) I found and storyfied it all:

New York GameCraft – Results

A big thanks to everyone involved in making this happen. Everyone was truly amazing. A big thanks to Phil Trelford for kicking this off and to SkillMatters and Phothon Cloud for making it possible.

The theme was Lost Doorways

The results :

Best overall –
People’s Choice –
Best concept –
Best art direction –
Best multiplayer –

New York GameCraft

Thanks for being part of it and see you in the next one.

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GameCraft II, Done :D

It might have started a bit later than intended at 09:30, but we wrapped up in time with the breaking out of the beer to celebrate a fantastic day. The day was full of excitement, ideas, lots of sugary drinks and coffee (although I did notice fresh fruit sustenance).

After tools were downed, and stickers were distributed for those to vote for their People’s Choice awards (gold star stickers for judges), and everybody got a chance to play the games after 12 hours of blood, sweat and tears.

And here are the winners:-

  • 1st Place: Turbo Duck
  • 2nd: Feast fit for a Queen
  • 3rd: Where’s your burd at?
  • Best Art Category: Rocket Dead Game
  • Best Gameplay: A tale of love
  • Best Technology: Agile Guy
  • Best MMO by DublinJS
  • Judges Choice: Wild life on one
  • Best Story: Professor Bluebird’s Time-Travelling Adventures
  • Best Humour: Donkeypocalypse
  • People’s Choice: Flama Games with Tweety
  • Ones to watch: Explo Games

We collated some photos here, please feel free to add your links to photos, videos.

Here’s some of the games I found via tweets that you can either download and play, or just play:

If you have links to your games, video of the games or even screenshots of the games , feel free to add it in the comments below and share with everyone.

So well done to everyone again, now remember to help us pick a day for GameCraft 3, it will be held in Tipperary alongside Games Fleadh - http://t.co/nSp1wzyf

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Dublin GameCraft 2 Theme

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