Derry GameCraft


Now we have your attention, here’s some important information

Our first ever 24 hour stint and it will be at the amazing CultureTech in Derry-LondonDerry.

On Friday the 13th at 7pm game developers from all over will gather together  to pour forth their creative juices in an extravaganza of game development talent that hasn’t been seen since…well, since the last GameCraft or another game jam :D .  Oh yes and make sure you read the Nintendo news, did I mention Nintendo (in my head I say that with a japanese accent, I am sure you do too)?


What happens on the day?

  • You with your team need to build a game from scratch, you have 24 hours.
  • You can come with your own team or join a team on the day. This time teams are mandatory, no solo entries please :D (there is a good reason for this we promise)
  • Platform agnostic (tho check the nintendo news)
  • We announce a topic at 7pm sharp on Friday
  • You can spend the entire 24 hours in the venue if you want
  • On Saturday at 7pm game development stops and judging begins. There is a people’s choice so we all get to play each others games.
  • People and Judges vote .. there are prizes yay! (more details soon)
  • Everyone learns
  • People meet other people
Those who have signed up via Tito

NOTE: GameCraft registration will be now be handled via EventBrite, we will automatically transfer your registration from Tito to EventBrite. Just bring your EventBrite ticket on the day for registration, no sweat from your end.

Coaches from Dublin to Derry

Need a cheaper alternative way to Derry? We will organise a coach to/from Derry.

You can signup via Tito separately. Coach can only be secured once we reach minimum numbers (25).

An opportunity to work with a new platform thanks to Nintendo

Want a challenge? With the involvement of Nintendo at GameCraft, this will be an awesome opportunity for you to try out their latest JS/HTML5 Nintendo Web Framework (NWF) and make a game for the Wii U console.

To make a game on this platform, be sure to check the Nintendo checkbox when signing up online. We will follow up with more information which will include signing an NDA on the day.

** NOTE: Proficiency in Javascript is recommended. **

What do I need if I am interested in making a game on NWF?

  • 2 GHz Core2Duo-class CPU or better

  • 4 GB of RAM

  • Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit
    An ADMINISTRATOR account from which to install and use Nintendo Web Framework PC launcher is required.

  • At least one gigabit Ethernet port.
    Slower Ethernet interfaces are not supported.

Can I use other technologies?

Of course! Just don’t check the Nintendo checkbox when signing up to Derry GameCraft online. Like previous GameCrafts, it’s up to you what tools and technologies you want to use on the day.

Official Press Release

Details of press release can be found at


NOTE: Need coach from Dublin to Derry? Book your seat here via Tito separately. Coach can only be secured once we reach minimum numbers (25).

OR just sign up for the only tickets via form below:

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