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Posting live from Telford, at Insomnia GameCraft. The theme for today is “Last assignment” and we are in full swing here.
For some background info, Insomnia is a gaming conference, it’s basically a huge LAN party with tournaments, an exhibition hall including a generous section for indies such as Snozbot, Honourboud, Dream, and many more, check here. There is also some other more established games on display such as XCOM enemy within, XBOne with Forza and Need for speed and many hardware providers.

Will keep you posted…

New York GameCraft – Results

A big thanks to everyone involved in making this happen. Everyone was truly amazing. A big thanks to Phil Trelford for kicking this off and to SkillMatters and Phothon Cloud for making it possible.

The theme was Lost Doorways

The results :

Best overall –
People’s Choice –
Best concept –
Best art direction –
Best multiplayer –

New York GameCraft

Thanks for being part of it and see you in the next one.

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Making an Impact in your js

Hello exciting reader of GameCraft’s blog. As you no doubt know, GameCraft is traveling up to Derry this September 13th for our longest game jam ever! 24 hours of serious jam. What you may not know is that Nintendo is participating in this one. They’re providing dev kits for Wii U and their shiny new Nintendo Web Framework for you to play with(ie make your games targeting the console, great huh?).

To make things even easier,the amazing Dominic Szablewski – the creator of Impact – has agreed to provide non-commercial licenses for his lean but awesome game engine for you to use on top of the Nintendo Web Framework. You should totally check it out ahead of time, because it really is quite cool. It honestly couldn’t be better if he’d called it PunchInTheFaceJS!

Didn’t sign up yet? Hurry, you can do so following this link.


Belfast GameCraft results

It was another amazing GameCraft, it was great to travel to such an amzing location for this event :D . Thanks to for organizing everything and we really missed you Matt!! Thanks to for judging and beeing a great friend! :D To Farset Labs for being amazing hosts and to all the people who are involved in one way or another with this amazing event.
What you all want to know :)

Who won??

  • 1st Prize- Team Free Roast Beef, with their game: Bloomers
    Play Bloomers

  • 2nd Prize, Most Original Game prize and People’s Choice Award – Team For Loopers, with their game Gravity Bloom
  • 3rd Prize- Team: A Team (will be confirmed soon) with their game Sting Ray (name will also be confirmed soon :) )
  • 4th Prize- Team Pulse College

More pics here
Thanks and we ll see you at the next one. (Keep an eye on your inbox)


Dublin-Belfast Bus

Hey GameCrafters!
The 23rd is getting closer! The big deal for people coming from Dublin is transport. has done all the hard work trying to organise a bus to take us directly to the venue from Dublin and back again. All on the same day.

The cost per person depends on the numbers using the bus. We’ll need at least 14 people for it to make sense, but the more we get, the cheaper it’ll be.

If we get enough people, we’ll be GameCrafting in Belfast for the day, without the hassle of public transport! Nice.

Please register here if you are interested

PS Thanks to Shane for the hard work!


Belfast Gamecraft – 23rd February 2013

When: 23rd February 2012, 9AM
Where: Farset Labs, Weavers Court, Linfield Rd, Belfast, Antrim BT12 5GH, United Kingdom

On Saturday the 23rd February game developers from all over will gather together in Farset Labs, Belfast , to pour forth their creative juices in an extravaganza of game development talent that hasn’t been seen since…well, since the las GameCraft in November, or another game jam :D . That’s right, it’s time for Belfast GameCraft! This time around, particpants, either individually or as a team, have a whole 8 hours to create a game centered around a random theme to be announced on the day.
It will be exciting, it will be intense, it will be…slightly pungent, frankly. But it will be worth it! After 8 hours, a panel of highly trained judges (at least, they look highly trained, they are all wearing monacles) will examine each of the submitted games and select a few stand out entries to be awarded some awesome prizes. While the games are being pinched, prodded, and poked, we’ll all have some well deserved refreshments and a bit of time for the all important networking. Participants are free to use whatever game creation platform they like, be that Unity, UDK, GameMaker, Construct2, XNA, or one of the myriad other fine platforms available today. Good luck and may the most ridiculous game win!

What happens on the day?

  • You with your team need to build a game from scratch, you have about 8 hours.
  • You can come with a team formed or form your team there
  • Platform agnostic
  • We announce a topic during breakfast
  • Early start, then, at 5pm judging starts. There is a people’s choice so we all get to play each others games
  • People and Judges vote .. there are prizes yay!
  • Everyone learns
  • People meet other people

This event is free but all members of your team need a ticket … REGISTER

And a big thanks to our judges, so be nice to them:-

  • John Geoffrey Newman ()
  • Matt Johnston ()


Q. Any restrictions on who can join?
All levels welcome.

Q: How many people can be in a team?
Team size is unrestricted, although bear in mind that larger teams will make it hard work as well.

Q: Do we bring our own hardware?
Yes, participants will bring their own hardware, but you will need to look after your own hardware on the day.

Q. Does GameCraft support online participation?
No, but we will look into it for future Dublin Game Crafts.

Q. Do we decide on an idea before the event?
The topic of the game is decided on the day, so probably not a good idea.

Q. Can we also bring pre-written frameworks we code ourselves. Would we need to share these frameworks with the other teams?
You are free to use which ever framework you want. Sharing your own framework is up to you.

Q. What other tools and frameworks should bring along?
Prepare your machine with the tools before you come along on the day, this will alleviate the load on the wifi. You can find information on what you need on this resources page.


Andrea Magnorsky (@roundcrisis on twitter)
Matt Johnston (@cimota on twitter)
Greg Maguire
Andrew O’Connor (@bravesirandrew on twitter)


Charity GameCraft – Today

We’ll start the live streaming at 9am. Meanwhile you can donate by clicking here It will take you to where you can choose how much to donate.

I know you all want to know the theme… thanks to Dave McCabe, GameCraft’s resident MC for coming up with one.

Drumroll…. the theme is: Envision Christmas in the year 2525


11th December 2012 – Charity GameCraft

Open your wallets, friends of game development, Charity GameCraft is coming!

For one day only, some of the most excellent companies in the Irish game development scene will be making sparkly game development magic happen in various offices around Ireland, and streaming the event live for your entertainment (link will be available at this website during the event). From 9am to 6pm on Tuesday 11th of December, watch your favourite game developers flounder about as they try to make a game from scratch in just 9 hours! That would be a great thing in and of itself, but there’s more! In the spirit of Christmas, we’re offering you an incredible opportunity to imbue within yourself a feeling of enormous well-being. “How”, I hear you cry. Simple. Give us your money…and then we’ll give it to charity. All of it. Every last kind penny. To the ISPCA to be specific. By donating you will also get all the games made during the day and P-3 Biotic from

So make a puppy/kitten/horse thing happy. Tune in online next Tuesday and join in the festivities.

Some of the developers involved (alphabetically):

Bright Head Games Studio

John Kelly