Dublin GameCraft 4

“Rocking around the Christmas tree…”
Ok, there was no Christmas tree, but there was cupcakes and mountains of yummy cake to be had. It was sugartastic and as organisers we hoped that gave enough buzz to keep GameCrafters going for 11 hours. Creativity has been pushed to another level and even travel from afar like a 3AM bus ride from Derry, you guys are crazy, !).

Cupcakes by

Cake by

The sandwiches were by .

The theme for the day was

“Always winter but never Christmas.”
― C.S. Lewis

So it was a Christmassy-type of theme, most people kind of guessed anyway. :-)

Here are the winners

Honourable Mention –  (Prize: Rory StoryCubes)

Best Multi-Player –  (Prize: Rory StoryCubes)

Best Audio – (Prize: Headphones thanks to GameStop Ireland)

Best on Theme – (Prize: PS4 Controller)

Best Visual (“Most Polished!”) –  (Prize: Quadcopter)

People’s & Judge’s Choice – (Prize: EGXRezzed Tickets for the team)

You can find the rest of the games crafted at http://bit.ly/dub-gc-4
(NOTE: Teams please update your entry with more game details, link to playable game (if any), more screenshots, and about yourselves.)

A big thanks and congratulations to everyone who took part and helped out. And yes, GameCraft is now incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation called GameCraft Foundation. Without all of your support, this wouldn’t have happened. We are deeply grateful for a fantastic community. Don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas, feedback and even about sponsorship. We love to talk. Email:

Any photos, please share them with us to , tweets, and .

A big thanks to Digital Hub for hosting our event, and to our sponsors, Enterprise Ireland, Exit Games, Swrve, GameStop Ireland and Rory StoryCubes.

And here are the tweets (#GameCraft) I found and storyfied it all:

Dublin GameCraft 4 – Prizes

We thought it might be a good idea to let you know some of the prizes for tomorrow.

    • A quadcopter.
    • Tickets to EGXRezzed (no airfare or accommodation included)
    • Maybe some PS4 controllers if people comment on how much they want them
    • Epigenesis keys, Sky Nations keys, and possibly more
    • A gaming headset Thanks to GameStop




See you tomorrow!!

Insomnia GameCraft – Theme



Posting live from Telford, at Insomnia GameCraft. The theme for today is “Last assignment” and we are in full swing here.
For some background info, Insomnia is a gaming conference, it’s basically a huge LAN party with tournaments, an exhibition hall including a generous section for indies such as Snozbot, Honourboud, Dream, and many more, check here. There is also some other more established games on display such as XCOM enemy within, XBOne with Forza and Need for speed and many hardware providers.

Will keep you posted…


Some of our Dublin GameCraft 4 judges… make sure you register for the 7th of December here

Declan Doody

“I’ve been playing games since I was four years old and giving out about them since I was five! I am Editor for theArcade.ie and I’ve been writing critically about video games for the past four years and organising one of the largest gatherings of gamers and geeks in the country, ArcadeCon, for the last three.”

Editor – www.the-arcade.ie

Colm Larkin

Colm has been making games since his family got their first computer when he was 6 years old (a ZX Spectrum 128). Nowadays he’s a software engineer for Swrve by day and a hobbyist game developer by night. Since co-founding the Dublin One Game A Month group this year he’s finished a number of small games and is now working on his first commercial game ‘Guild of Dungeoneering’.

Twitter :


Cork GameCraft – Story, results and more

Our first Cork GameCraft went really well. Thanks to St. John’s College‘s staff and all those who helped out and making the day a success.


 Spirit of GameCraft for helping loadsa people

By the way, he also made a game called ““.

Best Technical –

Most interesting interpretation of the theme –

Best Solo –

Best Group –

Their game:

People’s Choice –

Their game, 

You can find other games here:

Thanks to our following sponsors

Gold: Exit Games
Media Partner: Evening Echo
In-Kind: MaKey MaKey | O’Reilly | Qwertee | Rory Story Cubes

Thanks to our judges

Phil Bourke, James Daly, Dave McCabe, Paul O’Brien and Farad Raissa.

A special personal thanks to who I ()  drag along to almost all the GameCrafts, and remind me about many things.

A big, big, big thanks to Paul O’Brien who made this event happen, and to the staff and helpers at St. John’s College.

Finally, we have storified the day via those #GameCraft tweets, enjoy!

Cork GameCraft & our first judge announced

With New York GameCraft under way…

… there’s no rest for the wicked. We would like to announce that Cork GameCraft will be on Friday 22nd November at St. John’s College. Tickets will be available at https://dublingamecraft.com/events/cork-gamecraft/.

Thanks to our sponsors so far:

And we have our first judge, it’s

James Daly

James Daly is CEO and Co-Founder of . Based in Thurles Co. Tipperary, James set upwith Michael Murphy, Martell Malone and David Kelly in 2012. Since starting,  has won the “LIT – Company of the Future” competition, gained entry onto Enterprise Irelands’ New Frontiers programme and has just released their first title ““.

Twitter - 
More to be announced. #Excited

London GameCraft Judges

We are so excited to announce our London GameCraft judges!

Lewis Harvey

Lewis Harvey is the Associate Producer at Lionhead Studios. “Video games have been a lifelong passion for me. I’ve been working in the industry since I was 17 working with multiple studios such as EA, THQ and Rare. I joined Lionhead in 2009 as a producer for Fable III. It was a dream come true and a fantastic, ambitious and often crazy project. Over the years I have had the fortune of seeing Fable grow and develop as a franchise, pioneering Kinect experiences and returning to its roots with Fable: Anniversary. Now I’m responsible for expanding Lionhead beyond our huge Fable franchise and opening a new door of opportunity, getting excited about new talent and new ideas! With that in mind I can’t wait to see what GameCraft brings!” http://lionhead.com

David Johnston

David Johnston is the man behind Smudged Cat Games, based near Cambridge. David has been designing video games from the age he could reach a keyboard. After getting his first work published when he was only 11 David designed the game TimeSlip for the Playstation One before even graduating from university. He founded Smudged Cat Games in 2007 to release The Adventures of Shuggy for the Xbox 360; a game which Indie Game Magazine called “Bitesized Brilliance” and gave 93% while Eurogamer and Gamespot gave it 8/10. More recently David developed Gateways which Game Informer gave 9/10 and listed as one of their top 50 games of 2012. Gateways was also one of the winning entries in Microsoft’s 2012 competition and received an honorable mention in the technical excellence category of the 2013 IGF competition. http://www.smudgedcat.com /

Gorm Lai

Gorm Lai is a co-founder of the , which was the World’s largest site jam for 3 years, as well as a co-founder of the Global Game Jam. I have worked on games of almost any genre and platform; from casual set top boxes over AAA console to indie classics like LIMBO. After living a rootless existence across the planet for a couple of years, I have now set up my company,  in London, and am currently working hard to finish MULE Returns, a remake of the early 80′s classic strategy game.


Dave McCabe

Dave McCabe is a filmmaker, video game narrative designer and all around writer sort who has worked on more things than he’d care to remember. He’d give you a list, but it would just depress him when you’d heard of none of it. He has been playing video games since he couldn’t get past the first boss of an early 80′s version of ‘Green Beret’ that is so old he can’t even find a video for it on youtube. You can find him on twitter  where he’ll probably say something about your ma.

Vicky Twomey-Lee

Vicky Twomey-Lee (a.k.a. )  is a coder, GameCraft co-organiser, general tech event organiser (/ Ireland are her main ones), helping out with , organising and mentoring female coding workshops, and also this year’s invited to w00t’s Copenhagen Game Festival. She was also the researcher for Science Gallery’s recent flagship exhibition, GAME. She first fell in love with console games when her father brought back the Famicom in ’85 from Hong Kong with all the mod-cons followed by the Super Famicom. She has never looked back since.

She is also an aspiring artist (of sorts), loves kittehs & unicorns.

You can find Vicky at http://about.me/whykay

by bravesirandrew

And the winners are…

So there we go. Another Saturday, another wildly successful Dublin GameCraft. Thanks again to everyone who took part. GameCraft would be nothing without you! It was generally agreed that the quality of the games took a massive leap forwards this time, and we can only hope that this is a reflection on the explosive growth we’re seeing in our little Irish games industry. Perhaps lamentably, the real world demands that only the best games receive the prizes, but dammit, each and every one of you have our respect…except maybe the actual winners. It’s probably not fair that you get two prizes;)

So without further rambling, here are the winners:

For Most Valuable Game, Blood Bankers.

For Best Solo Game, Blind.

For Best Group Game, Butterfly Catcher (int the rye)

For Best Technical Achievement, Nun Boat

For People’s Choice Award, Adventure Boat |

And for Best Game Overall (ever?), The Adventures of Legless Lenny and Bongo Bill (With their Leap Motion based game)

What a happy looking bunch:) Congratulations to all the winners.

Once again thanks to all our sponsors for supporting this event, and to all the people that helped on the day.

Update: Sorry to the guys from Adventure Boat, they were not in this list originally :(

GameCraft @ Game Fleadh’s Results & Game Entries

Well done to everyone! We hope that GameCraft at Games Fleash was a great experience as well as lots of fun and laughter with a dash of adrenaline! :-)

Here are the results of GameCraft @ Games Fleadh…

First Prize Winner

This multiplayer escape from zombies apocalypse won overall best game, and a prize of a Lumia 800 thanks to Microsoft.

Honorary mentions

Other entries today




Some things we would like you to give feedback and/or leave in comments below:-

  • Anyone who wants to upload screen shots of their game, even incomplete ones, given we had some groups leaving early during the day, please tweet it with name of game and #gamecraft.
  • Let us know if you published your game by next week, either email (or comment below)
  • Andrea has announced we will be having a GameCraft in Dublin in May, it would be nice to let us know what dates suits/unsuitable for people because we are conscious of exams happening that month. Feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks again to all those who participated, to the organisers of Games Fleadh who helped us set up GameCraft, Microsoft for sponsoring the prize, and of course, the judges spending their time annoying teams, drinking tea and coffee, playing The Resistance, and generally trying to be judge-like.

Till next time!