Cork GameCraft – Story, results and more

Our first Cork GameCraft went really well. Thanks to St. John’s College‘s staff and all those who helped out and making the day a success.


 Spirit of GameCraft for helping loadsa people

By the way, he also made a game called ““.

Best Technical –

Most interesting interpretation of the theme –

Best Solo –

Best Group –

Their game:

People’s Choice –

Their game, 

You can find other games here:

Thanks to our following sponsors

Gold: Exit Games
Media Partner: Evening Echo
In-Kind: MaKey MaKey | O’Reilly | Qwertee | Rory Story Cubes

Thanks to our judges

Phil Bourke, James Daly, Dave McCabe, Paul O’Brien and Farad Raissa.

A special personal thanks to who I ()  drag along to almost all the GameCrafts, and remind me about many things.

A big, big, big thanks to Paul O’Brien who made this event happen, and to the staff and helpers at St. John’s College.

Finally, we have storified the day via those #GameCraft tweets, enjoy!

And the London GameCraft winners are…

Well done to everyone who participated at London GameCraft and made great games based on the theme, The Impact of Prism! You can find the game entries .

Following are the winners picked by judges and also the People’s Choice.

Best Solo

Prism Defender
Prize: Unity Pro License

Best Team

Totally Guilty
Prize: Github 1 year Bronze Plan & MaKey MaKey

Best Attempt

Data Pack Grab
Prize: Qwertee t-shirts and Adventures of Shuggy game codes.

People’s Choice

Prism Grab
Prize: MaKey MaKey and Adventures of Shuggy game codes.

Most Interesting Interpretation of the Theme

Agents of P.R.I.S.M.
Prize: Github 6 months Bronze Plan and O’Reilly Book

Best Artwork

After Him!!!
Prize: Github 6 months Bronze Plan and O’Reilly Book